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Description. Try our premium “Top Shelf” CBD Hemp Flowers. They come infused with strain specific Terpenes that will give you that “Entourage Effect” and flavor experience you’ve been looking for! Sweet Cake - 18.6% CBD, 21.1% Total Cannabinoids, Cake, Sweet, INDICA / REST 18.6% CBD 21.1% TOTAL CANNABINOIDS Terpene profile: Cake, Sweet, Earth A sweet, potent strain with aromas of candy and baked goods, calming properties. Premium Organic Indoor Grown CBD Hemp Flower Order Afghani CBD (High-CBD Indica) Online In Canada

Premium CBD Flower & High CBD Hemp Flower Seeds | Blue Forest

Shop All - Hempindica Hempindica's 375mg Roll-On Muscle Rub contains Premium Hemp Extract mixed with 6% Menthol, and is a great way to penetrate sore muscles on contact. Wu 5 Hemp Flower For Sale | Indica Dominate Sleeper Strain

Premium CBD Flower & High CBD Hemp Flower Seeds | Blue Forest

Cannatonic is a high CBD strain with moderate THC levels bred from MK Ultra (Indica) and G-13 Haze (Indica-dominant hybrid). The result is a strain with an earthy smell and woodsy citrus flavor. The CBD potency is typically around 12% with THC around 7%. This strain is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa blend that produces an relaxed and uplifted feeling in 17 Truly High CBD Strains And Their Effects (The Complete List) CBD Critical Mass. An indica-dominant hybrid, CBD Critical Mass produces a ratio that ranges from 1:1 (CBD/THC) to about 2:1 (CBD/THC), and the growers report that it’s genetic parents are the famed Critical Mass strain and an unknown CBD-potent strain.

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