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Mary Jane’s Secrets – Los Secretos de Maria Mary Jane’s Secrets We are a non profit making society, with all our services paid for by the membership fees. Los Secretos de Maria(Mary’s secrets) offers a place where people can purchase and enjoy cannabis, in private without the problems associated with the black market. Cannabis clubs plug a gap in Spanish drugs laws | World news | The sign on the door says it all, but the acrid smell and smoke wafting across the Private Cannabis Club in the Madrid dormitory town of Paracuellos de Jarama are proof that it lives up to its name. Marbella Cannabis Club - Home | Facebook

The Rise of Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain - RQS Blog

The Rise of Cannabis Social Clubs in Spain . Cannabis clubs are popping up all over Spain, so we thought we would take a closer look at them and exactly how they operate.

Drug club: Spain’s alternative cannabis economy | Red Pepper

Cannabis Social Clubs | for CSCs & members Herewith Encod presents a code of conduct for European Cannabis Social Clubs. This code has been elaborated by Encod members in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Spain chill with Marijuana? How to obtain while in Spain? | Btw I know this bc I started smoking in Spain. In fact, my first time with weed was when some friends I made from an exchange program let me take a few hits off a blunt. Then we went to the disco (in US called a club). It was a fucking awesome night, I hope you enjoy the country as much as I did. As they say over there, venga chavales. Good Beers - Cannabis Club - Cannabis Club Cannabis Club Greatly popular, and an ancient cultural asset at the same time: in our Cannabis Club speciality beer, a refreshing beer is enriched into a pleasingly well-rounded shandy that owes its flowery, citrusy, and bitter notes to hemp flowers.

Start Your Own Cannabis Club Cannabis clubs are associations that distribute and stock up on cannabis among their members, all of them of legal age. They function in the private sphere, thus reducing the risks associated with the black market and indiscriminate growing.

Cannabis: legal or not? - Andalucia.com I did that first. But knowing the letter of the law tells one nothing about how it is interpreted and enforced, thus my questions here. Are cannabis clubs open to expat members by law and in practice? Drug club: Spain’s alternative cannabis economy | Red Pepper While the future of the Spanish model of cannabis social clubs is by no means guaranteed, it is an idea that is spreading. The Dutch city of Utrecht announced in early 2011 that it plans to experiment with a closed club model for adult recreational cannabis users and other Dutch municipalities have expressed interest in doing the same. Cannabis in Spain - Wikipedia Cannabis in Spain is illegal for commercial purposes, but decriminalised for personal cultivation and use, and other purposes other than sale or trade. Using the legal grey areas in Spanish legislation, cannabis clubs are a popular way for enthusiasts to obtain and use cannabis as a technically-legal private collective. Spannabis Malaga 2015 - Cannabis Coffeeshop Guide Amsterdam |