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3 Aug 2014 I've set THC Max and Min at 0 and -4.5 respectively, the same as the Soft Limits, though I'm not sure if that's what it should be set at so I've tried  20 Jun 2016 THC controller very well and is integrated with Mach3 software. „THC Max”, „THC Min” values on the main panel of Mach3 software. The next problem was that I could not enter a negative number in the THC Min field of the Mach3 Plasma profile window. That fix required downloading and  Traditionally with Mach3, external THC regulator is used that measures arc voltage THC min speed – button enables anti-plunge option that prevents plasma  disabled; Run From Here function disabled; Turn: Threading disabled; Plasma: THC functions disabled Mach3 Minimum Recommended Requirements  EndTHC. Sub EndTHC(). This function turns off torch height control. It is functionally identical to THCOff(). Feed rate specified in units/minute, as a Double. new TMC3in1 Mach3 screen and below that are definitions of each new velocity if THC ON/OFF is not lit or if the THC Z Min value has been exceeded. o.

insulation rating to 400V minimum. TIP VOLTS though MACH3 and used the MACH3 THC Logic, the DTHCIV runs outside MACH3 so the old THC button on 

Neuron can attain speeds in excess of 6000 mm per minute in the arc voltage Neuron is not use Mach3 internal THC logic, torch axis under full control of the  I'm converting a friend's Mach3/G540 based plasma table to a Protoneer Once resumed, the THC will take over Z axis control and the G01 commands can start running the cut. --this is the reference feed rate in mm/min I am stuck between it being the cheapo Proma THC. HYS setting to 1 and increased Mach3 RATE to 10% now it cuts good at slow speed but could never manage a cut at 3300mm/min, pretty certain if up the tuning to go  17 Apr 2018 Here I set up Mach3 to use the In-Position input as the probe. When the I set the plasma speed to 20%, THC Max to 1, and THC Min to 0. It is important that the machine is correctly homed since soft limits use the current position to determine if the axis is allowed to travel within the minimum and 

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Winkler Downloaden und Installieren unter\Mach3 da am umfangreichsten, am ausgereiftesten und auch alle Menüs sind in Deutsch, dann Selig und Langenfeld Downloaden und unter einem anderen Namen (z.B. Mach3_Selig oder Mach3 Langefeld) installieren die *.set Datei und das passende Bitmap-Verzeichnis zu ..\Mach3 rüberkopieren, fertig. Mach3 Vollversio Fräsen Das normale Verzeichnis finden Sie unter C:\Mach3\ Versuchen Sie nicht die Datei zu öffnen oder zu bearbeiten. Die Datei darf nur in das Mach3 Verzeichnis kopiert werden. Alles andere würde Sie beschädigen. Die Lizenz wird Ihnen nach dem Neustart der Mach3 oben in der Navigation angezeigt.

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Mach3 für Plasmamaschinen Lieferumfang: - Oberfläche für Plasmaanlagen - Lizenzdatei Mach3 4 Achsen Oberfläche mit Höhenregelung und spezial Symbolen. Bitte beachten Sie das nur die IP-M/S/A eine analoge THC Höhenregelung bietet. Über Mach3 Указываем отрицательное значение THC min - YouTube